Borderline - Swan Song of an Unfinished Life
Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with a mental illness?  
Are you a survivor of someone who committed suicide?  
Have you ever been on the brink yourself?
What Is This Book About?
My first book, 'Borderline - Swan Song of an Unfinished Life' is now available on Amazon/Kindle. This book was published on Mother's Day, 2017 and is my story of being a suicide survivor, my own 'dance' with the Mental Health System of the State of California, and my relationship with God through it all.
What do others say?
"In Borderline, Elizabeth offers us a memoire rich in honesty, humor, and dignity.   It is my hope that others will follow her lead, and allow their stories to unfold with as much beauty and clarity. 
Grief is hard. It is especially hard when we are born into it, marking the soul with a fractured, absent scintilla…pain which ebbs and flows and pervades, never absent, rarely fully present, but a shadowy chimera which often marks the soul for life. 

Healing is possible, but it takes compassion, creativity, and hard work. Elizabeth has a way of weaving past, present, and future into a tapestry which gently reminds us of the beauty of the eternal now, and through which we see that there are powerful forces which can guide us to the place which transcends death, if we have the courage and faith for the journey. 

I hope you will allow her story to touch you as deeply as it touched me, and let the swans to guide you home."  
  - Alex Bormann, MD, Boise, Idaho September, 2017 
One Womans' Testimony is Living Proof that a Mental Health Diagnosis doesn't have to be a Death Sentence!  
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You will laugh. You will cry. You will look at the issue of mental health from a 'survivor's' viewpoint, and hopefully come to understand this (still) 'taboo' subject a bit better than before.
This life is a journey--sometimes full of sunshine and laughter--sometimes full of storms and silence. My hope is that in sharing my personal journey, 
it may help you with yours.  - Elizabeth Anne
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